Ivar Kreuger Guitars

It all starts back in 1913.

One of Swedens most successful business men was Ivar Kreuger, he was based in stockholm, but owned many of the big companies in Sweden, europe and the US. By the '20s his fortune was so big, he actually lended France money to help them get back on their feet after WW1.

He also had a big passion for boats, and this is where the story of these guitars start. In 1913 he commisioned 'Loris', a 15 meter long motorboat built in Cuban and Honduran mahogany. He used this boat on a weekly basis to travel between his home in stockholm and his house in the archipelago, but also for taking friends and businesspartners around. Ive seen an old film showing Douglas Fairbanks, Greta Garbo and Mary Pickford taking a ride with the boat.

Through the years this boat has changed owners at least a dozen times, it has sunk and has been rescued. For 20 years it stood on a boatyard with no one caring for it until in 1992 when it was bought by the present owner. He restored it, and among other things made a completely new deck for it. Now its running as good as new and is a beauty in the water!

Anyhow, the present owner is a guitarplayer and one day he thought, 'Hey, I have this nice old mahogany from the old deck, why not use it for something?' So we met, I looked at the boat and said like 'Yeah, this is nice mahogany!!'. So we desided to try to see if any of the old planks were good enough for guitarmaking, and if so, he and his friend would be interested in commisioning a guitar each.

At the first look, the old planks looked worse than I could have imagined, covered in several coats of paint, and partly rotten. Of course they had holes every 4" or so too...