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Hanging out with great friends in London! . . . . #lutherie #thenorthamericanguitar #bespoke #custom #handcraft #london #stockholm


Last day of my woodstock trip was spent with these two fine gentlemen! Didnt get much pics taken at the woodstock event unfortunatly and as usual, but it was a wonderful time meeting my big luthier family. #lutherie @legeyt_instruments @ddkguitars


”Thelma” in 1917. #lutherie


Today I took a trip to the beautiful islands outside Stockholm to let the new guitar visit the boat she was made from. ”Thelma” was built in 1916 and is currently undergoing a three year restoration. Looking forward to hand deliver this guitar to its new owner this coming weekend! #lutherie


Goodnight babies, tomorrow is binding day, yay! #lutherie


Please meet ”Thelma”. She used to be a ww1 patrol boat, used to scout the coast of Sweden for buoyant mines. Now she is being restored and the owner was kind enough to let me use some of the wood that needed to be replaced. Will publish the full story once she is done! #lutherie


Very exciting pair coming up with @guitargallerynashville! #the🌳


Mahogany day. Excited about this new one, more info coming soon! #thelma


Prepping the rims today and getting ready to make boxes. #lutherie


Rosette. #lutherie


I love the feeling of knowing my suppliers and knowing that they are genuine, good people supplying an awesome product. Such as Michiko and Toshihiro Tatsuta, its always a great feeling to order trussrods from them! #lutherie


Matching pair coming up! Brw and Italian spruce, all wood cut from the same billet to make a sibling pair of a Model C and a Model 0. These are the first guitars im making for @thenorthamericanguitar and I couldnt wish for a cooler first project to make with them! #lutherie


A trio of aromas in the shop today, brazilian rosewood sides with spanish cypress inner sides and spanish cedar blocks🤤


Headstock pic for @chform! #lutherie


Im very excited to finally share a new model with you all! Please meet the Model R, my interpretation of a 00-model. This prototype is 25”scale, 13 fret to the body, italian spruce and brazilian rosewood. On its way to @guitargallerynashville! #lutherie


New Red Spruce and Madagascar Rosewood Model C just shipped out to my friends at @guitargallerynashville! #lutherie


The beauty of having a spruce supplier that puts serial numbers on each top he cuts. To be able to go there and find great, great wood that has been air dried for 8 years and find two tops that were cut almost exactly next to eachother. This happens to be perfect for my next project, my first builds for @thenorthamericanguitar, a matching pair of guitars with matching sets of brazilian rosewood that was also cut just next to eachother. Very, very excited for these! #lutherie


Build coats of laquer sprayed on this current pair headed to @guitargallerynashville #lutherie


Red spruce and Madagascar rosewood Model C bound for @guitargallerynashville #lutherie


Some irresistibly photogénique wood shavings when scraping down these side purflings prior to bending. #lutherie


Sending this week off with a classic butt-picture. It might seem inapropriate but its actually quite fitting this time. About two weeks ago I hurt my back pretty badly, my hip twisted so that my spine pinched my sciatica nerve in my left leg, making it impossible for me to work for nearly ten days. I finally got an appointment with a chiropractor that was able to put everything back where it belongs. Hence the butt-pic to celebrate healthy hips!! #buttocks #lutherie


Thank you for your short visit little tenor, have fun in your new home! #lutherie


@erikigelstrom came by the shop for a light setup on his @fredholmguitars mandolin. While I did, he was kind enough to record this little clip of a used tenor guitar I just got in the shop. If you want to explore the wonderful world of fifths, please drop me a line! And if your swedish is a bit rusty, please just enjoy the wonderful playing in the third clip😃 #lutherie


Someone in 1952 slipped with an axe. #lutherie


Please meet the brand new Rasmussen Model R! I have been wanting to make a modern interpretation of a 00 size guitar for years, and this new model falls right between my Model C and Model 0, with its 14.25” lower bout. This first one, built for @guitargallerynashville will have a stunning old set of brazilian rosewood and an Italian spruce top. #lutherie


@gogosatoshi playing a wonderful piece of music on his new Rasmussen Model 0. Thank you Satoshi! ❤️❤️❤️#Repost @gogosatoshi with @get_repost ・・・ 新しいギターです!SwedenのRasmussen guitars / Model O です。Rasmussen guitarsと出会ったのは去年の春、その雑味のない澄んだ美しい音と反応の良さ・ルックスにすぐにファンになりましたが、今回ご縁があり製作者であるLarsさんが日本にいらっしゃっていて帰国する前に試奏させてもらい、これはすごい!ということでめでたくお持ち帰りと相成りました☺️ボディサイズを全く無視した音量も、その極上のトーンもお気に入りでまたひとつ宝物が増えました✌️Larsさん、ありがとう! My new treasure! Here is Rasmussen guitars @rasmussenguitars model O. it's a newborn guitar! I met Rasmussen guitars last spring for the first time. Soon I felt in love with this purely beautiful sounds, artistic appearance. And also love quick response! Then I became a big fun of his guitar. I had a great chance to see Lars again before he leave to Japan this week, and got this beautiful newborn guitar! I didn't need to think that It was good or not😂 Here is a short movie that I played the guitar, check it! Thank you so much for your great work, Lars san!! #acousticguitar


This trip to Japan has been wonderful and it ended in the best way I could ever imagine. So good to see @gogosatoshi and @yui108 again, and super happy to welcome them to the Rasmussen family! #lutherie


I have had the loveliest two days displaying my work at the Osaka Sound Messe. I got to meet so much people, and also I was honored and happy to deliver this Model C to @narumi515shimizu and @yuusuke.i_can_make_it! Thank you!! #lutherie


Spent a lovely morning at @bachmanntonewood going through hundreds of tops. Also got access the special reserve grade maple... i could have spent days here! #lutherie


This Maple and Italian spruce Model C is on its way to New York after a quick stop at @guitargallerynashville #lutherie